Wrong Fuel Warning – Make Sure Your Engineer Uses The Correct Equipment

Wrong Fuel Warning – Make Sure Your Engineer Uses The Correct Equipment

If we could have a tenner for every time we’ve heard a tale of woe about the cowboy element at work within our industry we’d be very rich. It is essential that your wrong fuel engineer uses the correct gear when working on your vehicle. After all, your vehicle may very well have been a significant investment for you as they are for most of us, so you want that vehicle to receive the very best care and attention when something goes wrong to ensure that it has a long life and serves you well.

All of the engineers working for the Wrong Fuel Recovery Company have mobile emergency response units that are equipped with the very latest state of the art equipment including all safety gear required to ensure maximum care for you, other road users and your vehicle during the fuel drain procedure. Our fuel drain equipment has the following specification:

  • A high-tech suction pump that can remove contaminated fuel at a rate of 25ltr/min
  • A discharge pump capable of operating at up to 40ltr/min
  • A tank capacity of 250 ltrs so that we can drain 10 to 12 cars before needing to empty at base
  • Flow meters which display the fuel recovery and discharge rate
  • a roof vent with an ATEX flame arrester to conform to safety standards
  • A comprehensive spill kit to cover the unlikely event of a fuel spill
  • Our engineers are fully trained specialists in wrong fuel removal and are all widely experienced. To reflect this, they all carry an SPA Passport which are only issued upon completion of job specific training courses with regular training updates to keep pace with the modern automotive industry development.

    Also, our representatives are courteous, patient and sympathetic. They are trained to deal with stressed, anxious customers who are enduring a frustrating and worrying experience. They are also uniformed and respectable.

    If you call out another company and they turn up in a battered old van and look like they intend to try and drain the fuel from your vehicle with a rubber hose into a plastic container, turn them away. They are the cowboys and they’re putting you, your vehicle and others at risk by trying to drain dangerous chemicals from your vehicle without the correct equipment and undoubtedly without the correct training or licensing. What’s more, they’ll probably try to charge a fortune and demand up front payment. Don’t fall for it! Be patient and call in the experts at the Wrong Fuel Recovery Company.

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