Wrong Fuel in Sports Cars and Classics

Wrong Fuel in Sports Cars and Classics

This doesn’t appear to be as unusual a situation as you might imagine, we regularly get calls from customers who have accidentally put the wrong fuel into either a classic car or an exotic sports car. This type of job always tends to be a little sensitive because the vehicle owners are usually very stressed, the reason being that the vehicle is either worth a whole lot of money or they are very attached to it.

We’ll relate a couple of tales about recent jobs here because they may come in handy for other motorists who may be in the same situation. A few months back we attended a job for a gentleman in Coventry who had put regular unleaded fuel into a Lamborghini Murcielago. The vehicle had been hired from a prestige car hire firm and the customer was intending to impress his new girlfriend by taking her away for the weekend in the Lamborghini. Having driven the car back from the hire company it was, of course, pretty much running on empty so the customer took it to his nearest fuel station and filled up with unleaded fuel. On his short journey back home, he found it was running a little roughly compared to how it had been running prior to filling up. The customer started thinking about the fuel that he’d just put in and then recalled the hire company representative mentioning that the car should only be filled up with higher octane super/premium unleaded fuel. He also discovered a clause in his hire contract stating that only the super/premium unleaded fuel should be used. Thankfully, the customer called us before putting a call into the hire company which could have made things very complicated for him. Our Engineer went out to his house and removed the 80 litres of unleaded fuel from the Lamborghini (very carefully we might add!) and transferred it to his other two every day motors. The replacement premium unleaded fuel was added to the Lamborghini tank and a test drive showed that we were back in business with no sign of any rough running. This resulted in one extremely relieved and ever so thankful customer who even presented the attending engineer with a bottle of champagne!

The second job to note was performed after we received a call from a gentleman in Birmingham who was the proud owner of an Austin Healey 3000 MK1 BT7 (1960) in perfect condition and with only 32000 miles on the engine from new. The car was worth in excess of £40,000 and had had hundreds of hours of restoration work carried out on it. The customer’s son had unfortunately put 5 gallons of diesel in the car and had tried to drive it. Our engineer arrived with the customer to find out more about the situation. It turned out that the fuel had been stored in the customers garage in a black 5 gallon tank with a green 5 gallon tank next to it with the correct fuel in it. The wrong fuel type had been accidentally added to the Austin Healey by the customer’s son who got confused with the container colours. The car had been driven 200 yards down the road before displaying some alarming running issues and was then returned to the customer’s driveway. The customer was understandably upset as the car represented a significant portion of his life spent lovingly repairing the car to its original, as new condition. The car had also won many awards at various classic car shows. Our engineer performed the fuel drain on the vehicle and flushed all of the residual diesel out of the fuel system with the correct fuel type including an additive for the old engine. On restart the car was running well once more and another happy customer subjected our engineer to an out-pouring of profuse thanks! He was also seen cuffing his son on the back of the head whilst calling him a “plank”.

If you have filled up your super car or your old classic with the wrong fuel, we’ll sort the problem in a flash. Just give the Wrong Fuel Recovery Company a quick call.

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