Wrong Fuel in a Hire Car

Wrong Fuel in a hire carHelping customers who have put the wrong fuel into a hire car is something that we have done on many occasions and, in fact, many of our engineers will tackle this scenario several times in a week. This type of case is particularly common in the vicinity of airports and it’s usually customers who need to catch a flight who call us in a panic.

These cases happen because, as anyone who has ever hired a car will tell you, most of the time the car will be supplied to you full of fuel when you arrive in the country. You have to return that vehicle full of fuel and most hire car users will do this on the way back to the airport at the closest fuel station. With modern diesels being as quiet as they are and with the driver usually being unfamiliar with the vehicle or owning and driving a petrol vehicle normally, mistakes are very often made and petrol instead of diesel ends up in the fuel tank. These cases are prioritised by our wrong fuel engineers as, more often than not, the customer has a flight to catch which might be leaving in as little as 90 minutes or so. As we have engineers constantly on the go in almost all of the big cities and towns in the UK, and certainly those with busy airports, we can provide an emergency fuel drain solution for these customers, enabling them to catch their flights and return their hire cars without having to pay huge repair bills or enter into lengthy explanations to the hire company. We have heard many a horror story whereby a hire car user had been rescued by hire company’s employees and had then been charged for replacement of the vehicle engine! The real horror was then fully realised when the user finds out that their insurance doesn’t cover wrong fuel incidents.

One call to the Wrong Fuel Emergency team will remove the headache and the hassle. We can make sure to get an engineer to you as fast as possible, who can get the job done efficiently and with no fuss so that you can return the car to the hire company and catch your flight on time. All costs are explained up front before we dispatch an engineer so that our customers are comfortable with the cost of the service and how they will pay. Our fees are low and competitive, many customers are often surprised how little it actually costs to solve the problem as they are very often envisioning huge repair bills from the hire company.

A fuel drain is not just a temporary fix, either. The wrong fuel removal job that our engineers do, is thorough and will completely remove all traces of the wrong fuel type from the vehicle. The fuel system will be flushed through with fresh diesel and the engine ECU reset if required. So there is no worrying to be done about possible repercussions from the hire company.

One of the many advantages of using Wrong Fuel Emergency comes in the fact that we have many multi-lingual engineers. Often the hire car customer may not be a native English speaker and it is always good to ask in these cases if we have an engineer who speaks your particular language. Wrong fuel incidents are stressful enough without the added complication of trying to communicate in a language you may only know a little of. Our network of engineers are experts in the wrong fuel emergency industry but they also have many other strings to their bows!

Call us today if you’ve accidentally filled up a hire car with the wrong fuel. We’ll save you a fortune!

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