Wrong Fuel Emergency

Wrong Fuel Emergency Services – How It Works

Committed to Great Customer Service

There’s a lot more to our wrong fuel emergency service than just carrying out the contaminated fuel removal and fuel system flush. The natural reaction of the majority of motorists who have accidentally filled their vehicles with the wrong fuel type is panic, to one degree or another.

When we receive a call from a motorist affected by this incredibly vexing and alarming situation our switchboard operators will calmly and professionally take down details of the situation and, through our fantastic network of highly skilled engineers, locate the closest wrong fuel emergency vehicle and direct them to you without delay. We will prioritise our service for vulnerable motorists or where a vehicle is causing problems for other traffic, so that we can get you on your way in the safest fashion and fastest time.

When you initially call us we will ask for details concerning your location and your vehicle, as follows:

  • A road number (A4042), street name, village or town (a fuel station brand is good too if you happen to be stuck there)
  • Are you in a critical situation – e.g. causing a blockage on a main road or at a junction
  • Vehicle description – OEM, model, colour and vehicle registration
  • Your name and brief description of yourself

Our engineer will then attend and, as is usually necessary, will perform a full fuel drain on the vehicle. The vehicle fuel system is then flushed through with the correct fuel type to remove any potentially present contaminants before the vehicle is filled up with the correct fuel type and is restarted to check it is running correctly.

State of the Art, Professionally Maintained Equipment and Full Environmental Agency Licenses

You can rest assured that the wrong fuel emergency vehicle attending your location will be a meticulously maintained and extremely well equipped unit. This is a vital part of our operation as the Environment Agency, who control our activities, place tight controls upon the industry and those working within it. The correct safety equipment, the necessary training to use it and comprehensive equipment checks, which have to be regularly carried out, are all part of the issue and retention of an SPA passport without which an individual cannot offer this type of service. Petrol and diesel fuels are dangerous chemicals and the correct handling and transportation of them is vital to the safety of our customers and anyone else nearby.

Another important part of our engineer training is aimed at dealing with motorists who may be in a distressed state. It’s very common indeed for customers to be in a state of panic so our engineers are always calming, friendly, courteous and highly professional to provide reassurance and to bring calm to a very stressful situation.

Wrong Fuel Emergency Advice – What To Do After the Event

One of the most vital characteristics of each of our engineers is that they are time served and experienced auto mechanics. Modern vehicle fuel systems are very sophisticated and complicated to work on. It is essential that our engineers have in-depth working knowledge of these systems as incorrect handling of a fuel system drain and flush through can potentially damage sensitive components leading to large repair bills. All of our engineers will fully assess the situation on their arrival and will act appropriately. Using their experience, the whole process can usually be carried out quickly with most motorists being back on the road in about 30 minutes depending upon the amount of fuel that needs to be drained from the vehicle and whether the vehicle has been driven. Once the vehicle has been restarted and assessed following the system flush through and addition of correct fuel, our engineer will advise you of how to monitor the operation of your vehicle over the next few days. This will involve keeping an eye out for unusual smoking from the exhaust, unusual engine sounds, overheating, difficulty in starting or generally rough running or idling of the vehicle. If anything seems to be amiss with your vehicle you will need to call us immediately for advice.

We have, unfortunately, encountered situations where motorists have taken their vehicles to a main dealer or have called out an emergency breakdown service and have received advice resulting in unnecessary spending on repair work, usually because those dealing with the requirement do not have the level of specialist knowledge held by our engineers. Please don’t fall into that trap; speak to a Wrong Fuel Emergency engineer first.