Wrong Fuel Emergency Safety Advice

As UK roads get more and more crowded, we find that our Wrong Fuel Emergency service is becoming busier and busier. We already have dozens of mobile units on the road providing a 24 hour fuel drain service all over the UK but demand does not seem to be diminishing in any way. What we have also noticed is the increase in the number of hazardous situations that victims of accidental mis-fuelling are finding themselves in and this seems, at least in part, to be due to increasing traffic volumes. In the majority of cases, our customers have filled up their vehicles with the wrong fuel type and have not noticed until leaving the fuel station forecourt and subsequently finding themselves stranded in the middle of a main road. This type of wrong fuel emergency case always seems to occur at the worst possible times of day; rush hour in the morning and evening. Cue total chaos as traffic quickly builds up behind the stricken vehicle and motorists start to take foolish risks in an attempt to get past the vehicle. When our customers place a call to us during heavy traffic times, one of the first questions they are asked will be about the traffic situation around their vehicle so that our operative can take appropriate action.

In the first instance, we will prioritise cases where a vehicle is causing a major obstruction and we’ll get one of our expert wrong fuel engineers out to the scene as quickly as possible, approaching from the opposite direction to the traffic build up so as to avoid delay. In many cases, it is necessary to inform the local police station so that they are aware of the problem and can dispatch a traffic control officer if one is available. We will then offer the following safety advice to the caller:

  • If safe to do so, can the vehicle be manually moved to a safer location where it isn’t causing as much of an obstruction or restricting access to property? This should only be done with assistance from either an accompanying passenger or a fellow motorist.
  • Switch on your hazard warning lights so that fellow motorists know that your vehicle is immobile
  • If your vehicle has a red hazard warning triangle that can be erected behind the vehicle and once more, only if safe to do so, erect the triangle about a car’s length behind your vehicle. The triangle should not be used if your vehicle is on the hard shoulder of a motorway.
  • Remain in your vehicle if you are not on the motorway hard shoulder so that our wrong fuel engineer can assist immediately upon their arrival or so that you can assist an attending police officer. If you are on the motorway hard shoulder then you should exit the vehicle and stand well clear of it on the grass verge
  • If your vehicle has stalled on a busy, national speed limit road or in a motorway lane where it is a serious danger to other motorists and it is too dangerous or you are unable to move it manually, then you should call 999 and ask for the police to report the incident.

We take customer safety very seriously and will always aim to offer the very best advice depending upon your wrong fuel situation. If you would like to speak to a member of our expert wrong fuel team, just pick up the phone and dial 0345 302 2980.

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