Wrong Fuel Emergency At The Safari Park

Now this one has to be the stuff of nightmares! As if accidentally putting in the wrong fuel isn’t bad enough, imagine doing just that only for your car to break down whilst driving around the lion enclosure at a safari park! This certainly makes for an interesting tale, but we won’t be naming names to save causing an embarrassing scandal. Suffice it to say that one of our engineers received the rather alarming call shortly after the safari park had opened. A Landrover Freelander was stranded not far from the entrance to the lion enclosure. The stricken motorist had driven a long distance to take his family for a day out at the safari park and had topped up his fuel tank at a petrol station just 2 minutes down the road from the safari park.

In most wrong fuel cases the motorist affected has pulled into the fuel station and put petrol into an almost empty fuel tank. If they then attempt to start the vehicle engine (which is not advisable, but may happen as the motorist has not yet noticed their error) in the vast majority of cases the engine will not start or will immediately stall as there is not enough diesel in the fuel lines to keep the engine going before the petrol gets pumped in there. In this case, though, our customer already had half a tank of diesel in the vehicle and just topped up. He had noticed the car was running a little roughly as he made his way down the road to the safari park but as the park was so close it hadn’t been bad enough for him to suspect there was a problem. It was only when the vehicle cut out completely that the reason suddenly occurred to him.

Obviously, the safari park safety team were first on the scene to tow our customer to safety. I’m pretty sure that our engineer would not have felt at all comfortable doing a fuel drain on a vehicle whilst being circled by inquisitive lions! The park emergency vehicle towed the stricken Landrover to safety and then put in a call to us to come out to assist.

Our man arrived on the scene 30 minutes later to remove the wrong fuel from the customer’s vehicle. With the contaminated fuel pumped out, the fuel system was then flushed through with fresh diesel fuel and the engine fired up again. Although Landrover engines are made of pretty stern stuff, petrol can be bad news for any diesel power plant, especially if the removal job is not done properly by an expert. With the job done and the customer happy to be able to continue the family day out at the safari park, our engineer made his way through the large animal enclosure and back on the road to help another wrong fuel emergency victim.

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