Wrong Fuel Emergency – Right Service, Right Price

wrong fuel make the right choiceMany drivers will have, at some time or other, had the unfortunate experience of dealing with a bad or untrustworthy mechanic. You may have been given bad advice, been overcharged for a job or a job may have been done to an unacceptable standard. Unless you have a sound knowledge of the inner workings of engines and running gear, you are reliant upon the good nature of the mechanic who you have taken your vehicle to. We’re not just talking about your local back street mechanic here, we’re also talking about disreputable main dealers with lavish showrooms and large well equipped workshops. Wherever the business profits come before customer satisfaction, we see problems. The wrong fuel industry is no exception. We know there are many rogues operating in this sector and we know this because a large percentage of our day to day operations is spent putting jobs right that have been done badly by these rogue companies. There seems to be a misconception that removing the wrong fuel from a vehicle is a low skilled job, well that’s a little like assuming that just because everyone can write, that makes authors low skilled people.

Wrong Fuel Emergencies Need The Right Skills

Our wrong fuel emergency engineers are highly skilled. They have many years of experience with performing fuel drains on all manner of vehicles, that goes without saying, but most importantly we recognise that a large percentage of our business comes through word of mouth. The power of our customer’s opinions of our engineers and how they conduct themselves whilst attending a wrong fuel emergency, is immense. Filling up with the wrong fuel isn’t something that you plan for and will be completely unexpected. This leads to a highly stressful situation involving an unexpected and avoidable cost. Our engineers fully appreciate this, and so a large part of our service involves reducing the hassle of the situation. The affected motorist will not be in the best frame of mind whether that’s caused by the possibility of being late for work, late to pick up/drop off the kids or potentially missing out on a holiday. The effectiveness of our service is something the motorist only really reflects upon, after the event when the situation is resolved and they are back on the road again. Once the wrong fuel emergency has been resolved, our engineers will ask their customer if they would mind leaving feedback about the service they received, at their convenience. There is no pressure put on our customers to give feedback. We are happy to report that a great many customers do go on to leave feedback on our website, and in all our years of operation we have yet to receive a negative comment! It’s good to know that all our engineers are out there taking care of wrong fuel situation victims.

Getting The Right Service At The Right Price

Apart from reporting the effectiveness of our wrong fuel service, this blog post is also concerned with how motorists should go about getting the right service and avoiding paying for unnecessary or shoddy repairs. We don’t do pressure sales, when a motorist calls us for help the first thing we do is offer advice and, where possible, reassurance. It often seems like a huge problem that may attract huge repair bills to someone who doesn’t understand how a vehicle fuel system works, but in the vast majority of cases – that is certainly not true. We will explain to the motorist what needs to be done and actually how little that will cost them. We let our potential customers make their own mind up about whether to use our service or not, but we will point them in the direction of our many very positive feedback comments left by previous customers and more often than not, this reassures the customer that they are making a wise choice by using Wrong Fuel Emergency. We are experts in this field; our engineers perform fuel drains day in and day out on all manner of different vehicles with different fuel systems. It may feel like the right choice to take your new car to the main dealer but having heard so many negative comments from customers who have been staggered at how much their main dealer wanted to charge them to do a fuel drain on their vehicle, we would recommend extreme caution. A main dealer has huge overheads to cover and may have been informed by warranty companies that all repairs must be carried out using brand new OEM parts if there is even a small chance that they may be required. If a main dealer engineer is not a fuel system or fuel drain specialist, and most are not, then they will always err on the side of caution and recommend full replacement of all fuel system components and even, on occasion, of whole engines. That can be frighteningly expensive and often totally unnecessary.

We also advise caution if you’re tempted to call your breakdown/roadside assistance company who you may have a membership with. Again, they have large overheads as they offer a very wide range of services and will charge to carry out a fuel drain as this is highly unlikely to be covered within your membership. Once more they do not specialise in fuel drain operations.

A Fuel Drain Will Solve 99% Of Wrong Fuel Emergencies

Even if you have started your vehicle with the wrong fuel in the system, in most cases a fuel drain will fix the problem completely as long as it’s done properly. The whole system must be completely drained and then flushed through extensively with fuel of the correct type to ensure that absolutely none remains anywhere in the system or in the engine. It is not enough just to remove as much of the wrong fuel type as possible from the tank. Any residual fuel of the wrong type left in the system will, in the case of petrol in a diesel vehicle, compromise fuel system lubrication which will damage internal components and result in component failure at some point in the near future. This will mean expensive repairs are required. A professional fuel drain is not nearly as expensive and even if money is tight right now, please don’t expose yourself to avoidable big bills a few months down the line.

Try Not To Panic, Be Cautious

If you have filled up with the wrong fuel, we acknowledge that you are under pressure and will feel stressed. The last thing you need to hear is that your car will be off the road for a few days and will cost thousands of pounds to repair. It is so important to consult an expert as soon as possible, who is willing to give you advice rather than simply secure the job. When you call our engineers we will give you advice depending upon your particular situation and give you our expert opinion of the best course of action. If you decide to use our service we will send an expert to you as quickly as possible. Our extensive network of wrong fuel engineers enables us to do this amazing quickly so that you are inconvenienced for as short a period of time as possible. If you are consulting a main dealer or local mechanic, listen to what they say but don’t commit to any action until you have spoken to a wrong fuel expert.

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