Wrong Fuel Emergency to the Rescue!

It’s great when one of your engineers can be a super hero for the day! We had a call from a gentleman named Gregory yesterday at about 10.30 am in a big panic because he was supposed to be the best man at his buddy’s wedding! He had hired a diesel Range Rover to drive the groom to the church and had then filled the tank to the top with petrol. Greg thought he was in serious trouble as he was under the impression that he might have to pay the hire company for a new engine to go in the new Range Rover and so he was understandably concerned.

The wrong fuel mistake was made whilst Greg was running his errands for the morning, ferrying bridesmaids and picking up flowers and suits. On top of his petrol in diesel woes, his mobile phone was flat just to add to the misery! We prioritised Greg’s case and had an engineer out to him within 20 minutes, thankfully he wasn’t too hard to find and the traffic was kind to our man. Our engineer, Simon, then did the fuel drain for Greg and flushed the Range Rover fuel system through with fresh diesel to make sure there was no petrol left in the system to cause any further strife or alert the hire company to what had gone on. The ECU was reset and the Range Rover brought back to life. Whilst all this was going on, Greg borrowed Simon’s mobile so that he could coordinate the other wedding party members and put his emergency plan into action. Simon was all done in under an hour from the call placed by Greg and he was back on the road. In an amazing twist of fate, Greg then received a message to say that the matron of honour’s car had run out of fuel on a duel carriageway not too far away from the forecourt where Greg had had his wrong fuel emergency. Needless to say, Simon filled up a spare container with diesel and got straight on the road to help out the stricken bridesmaid’s car. With that all sorted out, Simon then returned to base a proper hero.

We spoke to Greg when he called alter in the day and he thanked us profusely and informed us that no-one was even late and that the wedding had gone perfectly with the happy couple on their way to Paris for their honeymoon. We wish the bride and groom every happiness in their new lives together and we’re happy we could help out with the wrong fuel emergency!

Well done Simon!

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