Wrong Fuel Emergency. Prioritising priorities!

There’s a reason we’re called Wrong Fuel Emergency and that is because putting the wrong fuel in your car or van is rarely a stress-free scenario. In fact, none of our engineers can seem to recall a situation where they provided a fuel drain service for a client who was just out for a nice, leisurely Sunday drive! Putting the wrong fuel into a vehicle seems to go hand in hand with stress and rushing. Motorists take their eye off the ball for just a moment and before they know it, they’ve put a half a tank of petrol in a diesel vehicle.

We offer a priority service as our previous customers will know, and that involves making decisions about which emergency should be attended first. We will quickly ascertain a client’s situation when they first call us and then we can decide how best to proceed. Vulnerable elderly or female motorists are usually towards the top of the list, along with motorists who are in dangerous situations where their vehicle is causing congestion or they are at risk of being hit by another vehicle. Vehicles blocking busy main streets or those who have broken down on the hard shoulder of the motorway are also high priority cases.

However, every so often we will come across an emergency situation which is quite possibly altogether more serious. We recently had a call from a midwife in Birmingham who had put the wrong fuel into a BMW 120 diesel whilst on her way into the Hospital in the early hours of the morning. There were a lot of expectant mothers in the hospital who may have at any moment needed the help of our client. She went straight to the top of our wrong fuel emergency priority list and our closest engineer was on his way to her within minutes. He arrived 15 minutes later and got straight on with the job to avoid any further delay. Luckily, our client had only put in about 20 litres of petrol into a nearly empty diesel tank and she hadn’t tried to start the car. The forecourt attendant had informed her about Wrong Fuel Emergency and she had placed a call to us straight away. Our engineer had the job done quickly he then sent an extremely grateful midwife on her way to work at the Hospital just 40 minutes after her initial call.

Our fast action earned us a really lovely thank you letter from the midwife team and also demonstrated to us the importance of our ability to prioritise priorities.

If you have a wrong fuel emergency, when you call us, let us know the nature of your emergency and we can use our incredible network of experts to get to you as fast as possible, armed with full knowledge of the situation.

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