Wrong Fuel Emergency Prioritisation

At Wrong Fuel Emergency, we have always offered a priority service which means that if a motorist should put in the wrong fuel and then find themselves in a precarious situation, we would endeavour to get to them as fast as is legally and safely possible. Over the years we have had many cases where our engineers have been required to attend an urgent petrol in diesel case and the causes of these cases have varied wildly. Probably the most common prioritised cases are those concerning vulnerable elderly motorists or lone female motorists who have become stranded in an unfamiliar place, possibly late at night.

Another important category of wrong fuel emergency prioritised cases are those where the motorist has put some petrol into their diesel car, possibly with a large amount of diesel still in the tank, and has managed to drive away from the forecourt only to have their vehicle break down further along the road. As you might imagine, these motorist’s vehicles very rarely come to rest at the side of the road where they are out of harm’s way and more usually, the engine stalls either right in the middle of the road or at a busy junction. In some of these cases, when the motorists first contact us, depending upon their state of mind, we may ask them to make an assessment of the situation they are in. If they are causing a major obstruction for other motorists and traffic is building up badly, causing a major delay, then it may be necessary for us to inform the local police about the wrong fuel emergency. If they can get to the scene faster than our engineer, then they will be able to direct the traffic until our emergency fuel drain unit gets there to move the vehicle to a safe place.

Our final category of wrong fuel emergency prioritisation cases can be the most serious in terms of the safety for both the affected motorist and our engineers. These are cases concerning motorists who have filled up with the wrong fuel at a motorway service station and have subsequently driven down the slip road onto the motorway where their vehicle has then stalled. Unfortunately, this is not a rare occurrence and our engineers deal with these type of cases several times a week. In almost all scenarios we have to inform the emergency services, especially if the vehicle is blocking a lane on the motorway. It is extremely dangerous for the motorist to attempt to move the car to safety manually due to the speed of the other traffic. We always recommend that motorists in this kind of wrong fuel emergency situation, put on their hazard warning lights and exit the vehicle safely to wait on the verge of the hard shoulder for our arrival or the police, to take control of the situation. These cases are our highest priority and our engineers are all trained to deal with these often very stressful and dangerous scenarios.

If you find yourself in dangerous predicament after putting the wrong fuel in your car, call Wrong Fuel Emergency straight away on 0345 302 2980 for emergency assistance and immediate advice.

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