Wrong Fuel Emergency – Modern Engines Need Premium Fuel

wrong fuel emergency caused by cheap diesel fuelModern vehicle engines are becoming increasingly complex with almost all functions either controlled or closely monitored by a sophisticated electronic system. Consequently, modern fuel is formulated to keep such engines in prime condition. A number of our wrong fuel engineers have recently experienced incidents where vehicle owners have not treated their new vehicles accordingly and they have suffered the consequences. One particular recent case involved a customer who had just spent £40,000 on a new BMW X5, a significant outlay for him which left him watching the pennies. Our engineer was called out to his home early one morning because the customer had been unable to get his vehicle to start so that he could get on the road and go to work. At first our man was a little puzzled as to why the client wanted a wrong fuel engineer when he had an RAC membership, that was until the client sheepishly revealed that he had been buying cheap diesel fuel from a dodgy outlet that he knew of.

Learning The Hard Way

Our Wrong Fuel Emergency expert got himself sorted and left to investigate the problem. He arrived to find an X5 that was indeed struggling to get going. The engine would eventually start, although reluctantly, but would then run roughly and eventually stall. Our man connected the fuel tank up to his fuel drain pump and removed all of the suspect fuel from the vehicle. He then went through his usual routine of flushing through the system with fresh premium diesel fuel to clear out all of the remaining contaminated fuel. He could then reset the engine ECU which had been previously displaying all sorts of errors regarding various fuel system components. This improved things but the engine was still not 100%. Our customer then further revealed that he had been putting the dodgy diesel into his X5 for about 6 months, since he had bought the car in order to try to save a few quid so that he could make his vehicle loan repayments. The engine ECU was still showing problems with the vehicle fuel pump and fuel injectors. Despite the best efforts of our wrong fuel engineer, the repeated use of sub-standard fuel in the X5 had resulted in internal damage to the fuel pump and blockages in 2 of the fuel injectors. Our customer then had to take his nearly new X5 to his local mechanic to get the parts replaced. On a premium BMW, this was not a cheap job and it ended up costing our customer well over £1000 in parts and labour costs. This outlay dwarfed the amount he believed he had saved by buying cheap fuel. Needless to say, this was not going to happen again and our customer vowed only to use premium diesel fuel in the future.

Cheap Diesel Fuel May Be Harmful For Engines and Bank Balances

Cheap diesel fuel is cheap for a reason. Even if it is premium diesel, it has probably been obtained illegally and fuel theft costs the UK fuel industry in excess of 30 million pounds each year. Who pays for that? Motorists do! The money has to be recovered somehow and fuel theft is one of the main reasons why fuel is so expensive in this country. Those who knowingly buy stolen fuel to save a few quid are shooting themselves in the foot because fuel is always going to be expensive as long as fuel theft continues. If it isn’t premium diesel, then it’s probably sub-standard or has been contaminated in some way. Premium diesel fuel is a complex substance which acts as a lubricant for the diesel fuel system as well as a fuel for the engine. If its lubricating qualities are compromised by a contaminant or are not at the expected levels, then damage will be done to your vehicle fuel system and engine. In the long term that will in all likelihood lead to catastrophic failure of a fuel system component or engine component and consequential large repair bills. If fuel costs are a problem then we would advise the motorist to buy a more efficient car, drive more efficiently or even limit use of the vehicle but never buy cheap fuel from a dodgy source as this only ever leads to greater expense in the long run.

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