Wrong Fuel Emergency in the Middle of Nowhere

Wrong Fuel Emergency LostA fair number of cases that we have attended in the past and will probably attend in the future concern motorists who are stranded in an unfamiliar location. Now, in many cases the motorist affected by the wrong fuel scenario, is able to ask about their current location, if they’re stuck on the forecourt. They can ask a fellow motorist, do a phone location search if they have the required knowledge to do so or check with the staff in the kiosk. But, it isn’t always that simple. Our engineers deal with a phenomenal amount of wrong fuel cases every day and so there are always a fair few strange occurrences amongst them. Some of lost and stranded customers are those who are unlucky enough to have filled up with petrol in a fuel tank that already contains a fair amount of diesel. The motorist doesn’t notice their error and they get into their vehicle and drive away from the forecourt. Depending upon the type of vehicle, some of them manage to get a fair distance away from the fuel station before the engine begins to show any symptoms of mis-fuelling. Again, some of these motorists are able to easily identify their location but sometimes the motorist literally encounters the worst case scenario and breaks down a few miles from the petrol station, at night and in the middle of nowhere.

We count these as priority wrong fuel emergency cases, especially if they involve a lone female motorist or a lone elderly motorist. Often, if the vehicle is stranded on a dark country lane, it may present a hazard to other motorists as well as being unsafe for the vehicle owner. Our advice in these cases is always that the vehicle should have the hazard warning lights turned on and if a red warning triangle is present in the vehicle boot, then that should be erected behind the vehicle in the road as long as it’s safe to do so.

A perfect example of such a case occurred a few weeks ago when one of our guys attended a case of a wrong fuel emergency victim whose vehicle had broken down at night on the A453 Tamworth road just outside Sutton Coldfield. This road has no street lighting and runs through a very rural area with no lighting nearby, just rolling fields. Thankfully, the motorist, Rose, had a smartphone and was able to call a relative who passed on our number after doing an internet search. The complication arose when we asked for Rose’s location. She had been visiting a elderly friend and had put in the wrong fuel on her way home. She put 20 litres of petrol into half a tank of diesel and had then taken a wrong turn whilst trying to make her way back towards the M6 toll road. She was not sure where she was and was unfamiliar with her phone and could not find her location. Our first point of contact when customers call, knows exactly how to handle such situations and was able to talk Rose through how to use her phone to navigate to our website and use the “Find Me” function to pinpoint her location. This has proven to be a very useful website function on a number of occasions. Once our engineer knew the road that Rose had broken down on, he was able to find her quickly and was with her in less than 30 minutes. Rose had followed the advice given to her and had switched on her hazard warning lights. Thankfully, the traffic was light on that evening as it was getting quite late, and she didn’t experience the added stress of any near misses with other vehicles using the road.

She was on her way again within the hour and let us know when she had safely reached home. If you’re a in an unfamiliar place and you have been the victim of a wrong fuel mistake, call Wrong Fuel Emergency as soon as you can and we will help in any way we can to make sure you are safely back on the right road with a fully functioning vehicle as soon as possible.

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