Wrong Fuel Emergency Help – 24/7

Wrong Fuel 24-7For the vast majority of our customers, it’s the first time that they have put the wrong fuel into a vehicle. It tends not to be the kind of thing that you do more than once. The shock of a scary experience makes you more wary when filling up in the future. The fear is brought on by the unknown, with many of our customers calling and asking whether their cars will need new engines because they have tried to start the engine without realising what they’ve done. They have had visions of having to pay huge repair bills and the shock only subsides when we tell them that their vehicles will likely only need a fuel drain and fuel system flush to return them to their former working order. But that initial shock leaves its mark on the psyche. The lack of general knowledge when it comes to what to do in the event of having filled up your vehicle with the wrong fuel adds to the confusion and fear. Many people do not even know that this industry and such services even exist. Even those that do assume that a fuel drain service would only be available during normal working hours. We visit many customers at their homes after they have had their vehicle towed home at great expense. In almost all of these cases the wrong fuel mishap has taken place late in the evening, at night or very early in the morning. The victim has assumed that help would only be available between 9 and 5. The fact is that help is available from Wrong Fuel UK 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with the exceptions being Christmas day and New Years day when filling stations tend not to be open anyway.

One of our engineers recently reported a case after having received a call at 2.30 am from a desperate lone female. She had been travelling home after a shift working at a nightclub and had stopped to fill up. She had accidentally put half a tank of petrol into her diesel vehicle and had then tried to run the car. After making it about a mile further down the road she had broken down in the middle of a cold dark and rather lonely road with no street lighting. Her breakdown company had given her a minimum 2 hour wait and she couldn’t raise her local mechanic to see if a tow vehicle was available. In a last ditch attempt to resolve her predicament she searched for what to do in the event of putting the wrong fuel into a car and she found the Wrong Fuel UK website. The customer was amazed when we told her that we could be with her in 30 minutes time and that our cost was less than half what her breakdown company had quoted her. She quickly cancelled her breakdown assistance and awaited the arrival of our engineer.

Our prioritisation policy means that we will quickly organise the fastest response that we can manage where a customer is in any potential danger. In this case, our client had broken down in the middle of a dark, unlit road some distance from civilisation and she was alone. Even though she had breakdown service membership, they are catering for customers who have broken down for all sorts of reasons and are stuck with a schedule system. Our engineers specialise purely in wrong fuel emergencies and our close network of UK professionals means that there is always someone available to help whatever the time of day or night and whatever day of the week it may be. 2 am on a Sunday? No problem! Just call our team of wrong fuel experts.

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