Wrong Fuel Emergency – Don’t drive tired!

We’ve all seen those harrowing adverts on the TV about not driving when you’re tired. All sorts of things can go wrong, the very worst of which is having an accident on the motorway. With everyone leading more and more hectic and stressful lives, it’s becoming increasingly common for people to be off on their morning commute at 6 in the morning and then driving home in the dark 12 or 14 hours later. We’ve had an alarming increase over the last couple of years in the number of cases where motorists have pulled into the motorway services and have been so tired that they couldn’t focus properly whilst refuelling and have managed to put the wrong fuel into their cars. The worrying thing is, that they’re on the road at all. The number of people taking big risks in order to keep their jobs going or to be there with their family as quickly as possible, is increasing all the time. As the saying goes, you’re no good to anyone if you’re in hospital after an accident.

Our engineers have reported having arrived at the scene of a wrong fuel incident to find that the client is so exhausted that they are twice as badly affected by the trauma of having put petrol in a diesel car. When you’re too tired to think straight, it’s hard to consider what to do for the best. We usually get the call from a friend or relative in these cases, or even someone from the forecourt who has offered some sound advice to the motorist.

The vast majority of motorists are well aware of the perils of driving whilst tired but we still do it. Opening the windows to let in the cold air or turning up the tunes just doesn’t do it sometimes. What does help is a power nap. You’d be amazed what a 15 minute nap will do for you. If you’re worried about how drowsy you’re feeling and you’re trying to think of ways to stay awake then you would be much better off just pulling into the motorway services car park, find a quiet corner and take a nap. Pop your phone alarm on if you’re worried about napping for too long. When you’re feeling a little fresher, then you can fill up and you’re much less likely to be putting in the wrong fuel type and much less likely to be involved in an accident.

Drive safely!

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