Wrong Fuel Emergencies – Beware Of The Muppets!

Patience seems to be more and more of a rarity these days as we are all leading stressful lives. Jobs are less secure and time is more and more precious. Unfortunately, a lack of patience means that a select few motorists make snap bad decisions as our wrong fuel engineers experience time and time again. Now, this isn’t just a rant about road rage, it’s actually more of a heads up for motorists who find themselves in a precarious situation after putting the wrong fuel into their cars. Whilst the majority of our customers call us out to the relative safety of the fuel station forecourt, there are also a large percentage of customers who find themselves stranded on a main road after their vehicle has broken down. These customers tend to be those who have put petrol into a diesel vehicle that already has a significant amount of diesel in the tank. They don’t realise their mistake until the vehicle starts to stutter and then stalls altogether as they are driving down the road.

Sometimes, these motorists are able to get their cars to a safe place at the side of the road before they call us to attend. There are also those who are unable to do so and so their cars are causing an obstruction on an often busy, main road. This is when driver patience becomes an issue and the safety of our customers is at stake. Some folks don’t like being held up in traffic due to a broken down vehicle and may react badly. They turn an already stressful situation for our wrong fuel customer, into an even worse situation by making sudden dangerous manoeuvres and then roaring past the stricken vehicle blasting their horns. An unnecessarily dangerous and callous thing to do, but never-the-less quite common, unfortunately. We have seen situations where our customers have been on the receiving end of abusive language and hassle from ill mannered motoring muppets.

Our advice, if you should find yourself in this type of predicament, is to let us know as soon as possible and switch on your hazard warning lights. In many situations we are able to inform local police who can then decide whether to take action and send a traffic control officer out to ease any congestion. We will prioritise such cases and send a mobile wrong fuel emergency unit out to get the vehicle moved to safety as quickly as possible. This is particularly important during hours of darkness when the problem is exacerbated and the situation more dangerous. If you can do so safely, leave the vehicle and wait for our engineer somewhere nearby where you can see the vehicle, but in safety.

This predicament is particularly dangerous for those who may have filled up with the wrong fuel at a motorway service station and have consequently broken down as they are pulling back on to the motorway. We will always inform local police in these cases as they can usually get a highway safety vehicle to the scene very quickly.

Happy motoring and be safe!

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