Wrong Fuel in an American Classic

Wrong Fuel American ClassicClassic American cars are great and we love seeing them sailing down the road when their owners take them out for a spin. Most of them tended to have huge engines and did about 10 miles to the gallon, hence why they only seem to come out occasionally! Everything was big about them. They were wide, long and had huge tyres. This theme of everything being big also extended to the fuel filler aperture and we’ve had a good few cases attended by our engineers where the owner has accidentally filled their American Behemoth with the wrong fuel. These cases are all the opposite of the majority of our work and when we turn up to do a fuel drain on an American classic, it’s always because the driver has put diesel into the tank when these amazing machines all ran on 4 star or unleaded. The fuel tank apertures tend to be non UK standard if they’re original.

One of our engineers recently attended a case in Derby whereby the owner of a 1959 Cadillac De-ville, the classic Caddy with the huge tail fins, had mistakenly put about 10 litres of diesel into the tank before realising his error and weighing up his options. Our customer had RAC membership and first put in a call to them but they were having a busy day and needed 2 hours to get to him. This would have meant that our motorist would have missed a large part of the American car show that he was due to attend and he needed to get his car to his appointed display space. A quick internet phone search for “wrong fuel Derby” and he was able to find Wrong Fuel Emergency and gave us a call. We had an engineer who had dealt with large American classics before and had an interest in them. He was close to Derby at the time so we sent him along and he was with our customer in less than 40 minutes. It was a fairly quick and simple job for our engineer as there wasn’t much fuel to remove. The only time consuming part of the job for him was the requirement for a careful fuel system flush to make sure that there was no residual diesel left in there. Old engines need good care even if they are massive V8’s! The Caddy was soon burbling nicely once more (they do sound great, these old American V8s) and our happy customer was on his way to the show in plenty of time.

As we mentioned earlier, we’ve seen quite a few American classics with the wrong fuel in the tank, but we’ve also seen the same scenario with other imported vehicles such as Japanese sports car imports. Many of these vehicles don’t have UK standard fuel tank apertures and if the owner loses concentration for just a few moments, it’s all too easy to accidentally pick up the wrong fuel nozzle and put diesel in there instead of unleaded fuel. If you’re an import owner or an American classic owner and you find yourself in a similar predicament, don’t worry! Give us a call and we’ll send out an engineer who knows just how to deal with exotic vehicles!

Happy cruising!

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