Wrong Fuel Emergency

Petrol in Diesel Cars – Some Sound Advice

Don’t get into a panic! Don’t turn the key in the ignition! We know it just isn’t that straightforward………

There is a tremendous amount of information on the internet along these lines. It’s a bit like saying, “Don’t have a natural reaction to a potentially big problem!” At Wrong Fuel Emergency we know that motorists who accidentally fill up with the wrong fuel are going to be very frustrated and may very well panic. After all, your car represents a significant investment and the thought of a potential huge repair bill will not be a settling one. Coupled with the fact that putting petrol in diesel cars always seems to happen at the most awkward of times, usually when you have to get to work quickly or you need to pick up the kids.

Our many years of experience operating within this industry mean that we have been able to fine tune our service so that we can focus on our customer’s needs, entirely. Our vehicles are fully equipped at all times to cope with almost every eventuality. If your vehicle is stalled on a main road, we can tow you to safety. If you have an unusual or modified vehicle, we can send you an expert. We also ensure that we have representatives covering all areas of the UK so that, most importantly, we can get to you quickly and provide the very best solution.

Can Wrong Fuel Emergency still help if the vehicle has been transported to a nearby mechanic or main dealer?

This type of situation is quite common. Many motorists are not aware of the availability of our service as it isn’t really the type of service that you come across until motorists find themselves in need, having put petrol in diesel cars. With the best will in the world, a local mechanic or main dealer simply won’t have the level of expertise that our engineers have of how to deal with a wrong fuel in car situation. They may advise expensive repair jobs, not because they’re crooks, but simply because they’re inexperienced. Before you commit to any big spend, please take a moment to speak to one of our engineers. The chances are that your vehicle will simply need a wrong fuel drain and fuel system flush through to get you mobile once more.

Wrong Fuel EmergencyIs it OK if I just top up the fuel tank with diesel if I’ve only put in a little petrol?

You may have heard this sort of information at some point but please be aware that it most definitely didn’t come from an expert in wrong fuel recovery. Petrol in diesel cars acts as a solvent and can damage the seals in a diesel vehicle fuel system, so whatever sort of quantity is in there, it will be causing damage if you allow it to remain. Petrol also does not have the lubricating qualities of diesel fuel so any working parts where there is metal to metal contact will also be damaged over time which may result in a catastrophic failure and a big bill for you. Contrary to what appears to be popular belief, petrol does not float on diesel. The vehicle is moving around and the two different fuel types will mix together. Where petrol in diesel cars is concerned, don’t risk it, call an expert to come and perform a low cost fuel drain to make sure that your vehicle remains in good health.

What should you do if you’re a vulnerable motorist or you’re in a precarious situation?

Tell the receptionist who answers your call to Wrong Fuel Emergency, then we can prioritise your case and get the closest engineer to you as fast as possible. If you are elderly, a lone female or you’re causing a significant blockage on a main highway, then we need to know your exact situation so that we can act quickly and appropriately. We’re available 24 hours a day, wherever you may be in the UK so the sooner you make that call about your petrol in diesel problem, the sooner you can expect our highly professional, experienced engineer to attend and perform an inexpensive fuel drain to remove the contaminated fuel from your vehicle. Our priorities are your safety, your satisfaction and our customer service.