New Car Wrong Fuel Emergency – Take Care With Your New Car

At Wrong Fuel Emergency, we have always noticed a spike in the number of wrong fuel cases that we attend for the first couple of weeks in March and September. This just so happens to coincide with new car registrations. These months are when there is also a spike in new car sales and many second hand cars come up for sale which have been taken in part exchange for new vehicles. In short, many more than the average number of cars swap hands during these months and the overall number of vehicles on UK roads increases significantly.

Diesel cars have reached a point in their technological advancement where it can be difficult to tell, just by listening to a car engine, whether it’s a diesel or a petrol engine. Gone are the days of the diesel “clatter”. Modern engine refinement and sound proofing techniques are producing quieter diesel power plants which deliver their power as smoothly as any petrol engine, so even when driving the car, it’s difficult to tell the difference. This is especially true of premium models such as BMW and Mercedes whose modern diesel engines are amazingly quiet even without the soundproofing.

This is one of the main reasons for the number of wrong fuel cases reaching a peak at these times. The other reason is where a motorist has swapped from a petrol car to a diesel car and they have filled up “as normal” and managed to put petrol in a diesel car. If this has happened to you, call us as soon as you’re able and we can send an engineer out to you to provide rapid, efficient expert assistance

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