Careful With The Pool Cars! – Wrong Fuel Emergency Warning

There are a lot of companies in the UK who have “pool cars”. These cars are used by company employees when they need to make journeys on behalf of the business or by automotive companies for testing purposes. It seems to be becoming something of a common practice, presumably to help with keeping costs down because it’s less expensive than providing employees with their own company cars.

We received a call from a motorist in Warwickshire who had put petrol into a diesel 4×4 at the services on the M40. He had managed to fill the vehicle right up to the top with the wrong fuel type and put his mistake down to his constant swapping of vehicles from the company pool. The previous day he had been driving a petrol vehicle of the same type and had filled that up as normal but had made the error of putting in petrol instead of diesel when filling up this vehicle. Our wrong fuel emergency engineer was with him quickly and had the situation under control within the hour; another very happy customer. But this was only one of several calls we’ve had in the past couple of months from motorists in the same predicament. The company pool cars are a mixture of diesel and petrol vehicles and frequently swapping between the two is causing an issue for some motorists. As we have mentioned many times before, it’s partly because of the more refined diesel vehicle engines which make it difficult to tell the difference between diesel and petrol engines in many vehicles. The cars are in constant use and tend to be filled up with fuel every couple of days which also increases the chances of a wrong fuel emergency occurring.

If you control pool cars for a company, we would recommend that stickers are put onto the outside of the fuel filler cap as is a common practice with many hire car firms in an effort to prevent users filling up with the wrong fuel. The stickers are readily available to purchase on the internet and are easily applied. Hopefully this will help eliminate petrol in diesel errors and control associated costs for your company. With large companies the cost can be significant and the delays caused by these situations also add to the avoidable costs. The alternative is to only use vehicles with one type of engine so that employees are aware that pool cars are either diesel or petrol and will be less likely to make a mistake when filling up.

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