Call In The Wrong Fuel Professionals – Don’t Get Ripped Off

Call In The Wrong Fuel Professionals – Don’t Get Ripped Off

Many of the vehicles that our wrong fuel engineers are called out to are new. You see, the situation usually arises in the first place because a motorist has bought a new diesel vehicle whereas they have been previously used to driving a petrol vehicle. They pull up at the fuel station and go into autopilot when filling up. For some, it dawns on them what has happened half way through filling up and some don’t notice until they’ve driven half way up the road and the vehicle has stalled. Now, those with new vehicles tend to immediately jump to the conclusion that as the vehicle is under warranty, they will have to get their main dealer to fix the problem and this is very often one of the first questions that our operator is asked when taking an emergency call. We’ve heard some disturbing stories along these lines, including that of a VW Passat owner who filled up a diesel with unleaded petrol and then tried to drive the car. When it broke down a short distance from the fuel station, the driver called a local tow truck company who sent out a flat-bed to transport the car to the nearest main dealer. The flat-bed transport was not cheap and when the vehicle was presented to the main dealer, their mechanic told the driver that in order to maintain the vehicle warranty the fuel system and all of its components would have to be replaced! The cost was in the thousands of pounds and the driver was a bit shocked to say the least.

Thankfully, the driver had the foresight to call the Wrong Fuel Recovery Company for a second opinion before committing to the repair work as advised by the main dealer. Our engineers are experts in removing the wrong fuel from any vehicle and carry out the procedure many times every day so they’ve pretty much seen it all when it comes to the effect that putting petrol into a diesel car has on the engine and fuel system. We advised the driver to get the main dealer to prepare the car to be transported back to the driver’s home. Our engineer arrived and towed the vehicle away. It had a full tank of petrol but our wrong fuel engineer was able to quickly drain the fuel tank, flush the fuel system through with fresh diesel and then put in half a tank of diesel to test the car. He started the vehicle and attached his diagnostics equipment to check for error messages. None were found. The vehicle ran smoothly with no adverse effects. The transportation and fuel drain were performed at a fraction of the cost of the repair work that the main dealer had advised the driver to have carried out. It was a lucky escape for the driver.

This kind of situation occurs all the time and 25% of our work is either fixing the blunders of the cowboy element at work within the industry, or carrying out fuel drains at driver’s homes when they have been scared half to death by huge estimates from main dealers or local mechanics for repair work that may not be necessary at all.

If you’ve put the wrong fuel into your vehicle, please don’t get duped. Nobody knows the wrong fuel industry like our engineers as they are specialists who deal with these situations day in and day out. Put in a call to the Wrong Fuel Recovery Company even if it’s just for advice. Nobody likes getting ripped off and we’re doing our best to try and stop it happening.

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