Attention Diesel Vehicle Drivers – Take Care When Filling Up With Adblue

Many modern diesel car, van and truck drivers may very well be aware of adblue. It’s a substance that is injected into the vehicle exhaust system close to the exit point, which converts harmful NOx gasses into harmless Nitrogen and steam. This dramatically reduces the harmful emissions of diesel vehicles and helps them to meet strict government guidelines with regards to environmental pollution. Vehicles using adblue have a separate storage tank on-board the vehicle which is usually positioned next to the diesel tank aperture. Diesel vehicle owners who have bought their vehicles from a dealer or a sensible private seller will have been informed about adblue and may have done a little research themselves into exactly what it is. There are strict useage guidelines for adblue and one of the things you most definitely must not do, is add it to the fuel tank of your vehicle because if the adblue gets into the vehicle engine, it can cause serious damage. This information is stated on the Greenox website which can be found here if you would like to find out more.

Adblue use is increasing as more and more vehicles are fitted with tanks as standard and motorists are having tanks retrofitted to their vehicles along with the necessary exhaust system modifications. The reason for our highlighting that care needs to be taken when using adblue, is that we have now attended more than one case where our customer has inadvertently put adblue into their fuel tank. On some forecourts the adblue dispensing nozzle is next to the diesel nozzle and on some vehicles the two tank apertures are close together. Our customer suffered a momentary lapse of concentration and put about a litre of adblue into his fuel tank instead of his adblue tank. Thankfully he realised the seriousness of what he had done and he called us immediately. The problem is that adblue is corrosive and can damage metal. Now, a diesel vehicle fuel tank is usually made of plastic but the fuel passes through many metal components on its way to your metal engine. So you can see where we’re going with this! Our engineer flagged the customer as a priority case and got on the road to assist as fast as possible. In this case he was able to get to the customer very quickly to drain the contaminated fuel from the vehicle fuel tank. Handling fuel contaminated with adblue causes another issue in that we cannot then store it in a regular fuel drain tank designed to store a petrol/diesel mixture. We have to store it in a container that won’t be affected by the corrosive properties of adblue.

If you have accidentally added adblue to your diesel vehicle fuel tank, please inform the Wrong Fuel engineer when booking a fuel drain. Our mobile units can cope with this eventuality but not all fuel drain companies have this capability and you may end up getting charged a callout fee by one of our competitors, as they won’t be able to assist and will have had a wasted journey.

Call our experts for advice about using adblue or if you have any concerns about potentially having added adblue to your vehicle fuel tank.

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