An Unusual Wrong Fuel Removal Job – The Road Roller

Thank heavens that we have resourceful and adaptable engineers working for us, who can think on their feet and come up with solutions! We had a call last week from a construction site manager who was in a bit of a bind. He was already a week behind schedule on his build and then one of his less experienced site workers had managed to put water into the diesel fuel tank of a road roller. We sent our chief engineer out to assess the situation complete with as much equipment as possible that we could anticipate being useful to him.

He was there within 30 minutes and met up with the foreman who showed him the road roller with about 50 litres of water mixed with 50 litres of diesel. These vehicles have 280 litre fuel tanks so it wasn’t even half full but it turned out to be easy enough for our wrong fuel engineer to gain access the the tank. He figured out how to best extract the contaminated diesel as safely as possible and quickly had the fuel drain under way. With the diesel and water mix removed, our engineer was then able to understand how to flush the fuel system to remove all traces of water from the tank and system before replacing it with as much diesel as he could fit on the mobile unit.

The road roller was started up and our engineer got to have a test drive. The foreman paid him twice his fee as a thank you for sorting out the headache and getting them back to work so quickly!

So, if you have any construction vehicles with a wrong fuel recovery requirement – you know where to come.

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