Wrong Fuel Emergency

Wrong Fuel Emergency Assistance Required For Your Car, Van, Bus, Motorbike?

Practically all wrong fuel problems can be solved with a simple, fast fuel drain.

We have a simply amazing team of expert professional wrong fuel emergency engineers covering mainland UK. If you find yourself in the worrying and frustrating position of having accidentally filled your vehicle with the wrong fuel type, call Wrong Fuel Emergency. We can help, night or day, rain or shine and whether you’re stuck on the fuel station forecourt or smack, bang in the middle of the main road.

Research shows that 15 motorists put the wrong fuel in their car every hour in the UK, we believe the main reason is the increasing popularity of the refined, modern diesel powered car coupled with the pressures of modern life. It’s so easy to lose focus just for a moment when you’re filling up during the morning work rush hour and slip into the old routine, especially if you’ve been used to a petrol engine car. So, don’t be too hard on yourself and don’t worry because we can help.

Wrong Fuel Emergency

In a hurry? Wrong fuel emergency problems are always inconvenient, but we can get to you quickly.

Take a deep breath, relax and call Wrong Fuel Emergency. We aim to get out to our customers within the hour although it’s usually much quicker due to our amazing network of dedicated engineers. All our engineers are time served mechanics who know their trade inside out. Trust the professionals from the UK’s top wrong fuel emergency company to drain your vehicle’s fuel tank quickly, safely and efficiently.

Our mobile wrong fuel removal vehicles are all equipped with state of the art, complex equipment to enable our engineers to perform fuel drains on just about any vehicle type. The equipment is meticulously maintained to ensure everything is always in perfect working order to maximise our efficiency and guarantee the safety of our customers and their vehicles. Our engineers all hold an SPA passport and a licence from the Environment Agency to enable them to handle dangerous chemicals, such as contaminated fuel, and transport it safely.

The wrong fuel emergency pumps on our vehicles are capable of removing contaminated fuel at a rate of 25 litres/minute. In order to protect the sensitive fuel system of a modern vehicle our equipment is perfectly regulated and the process is tailored for each particular vehicle. A powerful pump means that we can get the job done in next to no time and get you and your vehicle back on the road to resume your day.

Once our contaminated fuel tank is full after a day of wrong fuel removal activities, our vehicles return to their base to discharge the contaminated fuel at our specialist facility where it awaits transportation to the refinery to be separated back out into its original unleaded petrol and diesel constituent parts. None of our transported fuel is wasted or allowed to pollute the environment in any way.

Filling up your vehicle with the wrong fuel is not usually a major problem

One of the first things that jumps in to the minds of motorists who need a wrong fuel emergency service, is the possibility of having to face a huge repair bill. In the vast majority of cases a professional fuel drain and fuel system flush will solve the wrong fuel problem, even if the vehicle has been started and driven. The vehicle will usually stall before any serious damage is done to the components of the engine or fuel system, particularly modern vehicles as the Electronic Control Unit is clever enough to know when the wrong fuel has been introduced to the fuel system.

We charge a low and very competitive price for our wrong fuel removal service which won’t break the bank and we always discuss payment with the customer beforehand to ensure that you are entirely happy with the whole process. A lot of our work comes from word of mouth and our great reputation on forecourts all over the UK and that makes us proud of our company.

The wrong fuel emergency engineer attending your vehicle will quickly assess the situation and ensure that you and your vehicle are in a safe position before starting the process. If your vehicle has stalled on the highway then our engineer will be fully equipped to safely tow the vehicle to the nearest place where he can perform the fuel drain. The area around your vehicle’s fuel tank will be covered with a padded blanket to protect the bodywork and then the contaminated fuel removal pump is connected to drain the wrong fuel from your vehicle. Next, your vehicle fuel system is carefully flushed through with fresh fuel of the correct type to remove all traces of possible contaminants. Fresh fuel is then put into your vehicle fuel tank and the vehicle is started and then assessed using our state of the art diagnosis equipment to ensure that all is well and that you can be safely on your way.

Contact the professionals at Wrong Fuel Emergency as soon as possible on 0845 644 7991.

Wrong Fuel Emergency
Wrong Fuel Emergency